Cleanup Services for QuickBooks® Online

After your diagnostic review, we’ll clean up the mess, get your books ship-shape and give you peace of mind. This will help you get the financial information you need to better run and grow your business.

Your Options for
Cloud Accounting Cleanup

Premium cleanup

This is the best option for busy business owners who not only want the peace of mind of knowing their books and billing are in great shape but also want to get the maximum benefit from their financial information so that they may make the best business decisions based on the best quality of information.

Plus cleanup

This is our most popular option. It’s for business owners who want to go beyond ship-shape books and offer a more professional billing experience and get quicker payments when billing from QuickBooks Online.

Essential cleanup

This option is best for those business owners who are simply looking to get their books ship-shape and make sure they have a foundation that helps enable federal tax reporting and other desired reporting. This is suitable for smaller organizations and those on a tight budget.

Design new chart of accounts, set up and map existing accounts

Resolve issues documented in the Findings & Recommendations report

Catch up on transactions (bank feeds and from personal funds)

Catch up on bank and credit card reconciliations

Coaching on proper workflow as described in report

Set up to receive online payments

Customize invoices, sales receipts and estimates

Set up recurring transactions (10 included)

Set up budgets to enable more meaningful and actionable reports

Create and customize reports

Premium package

PLUS Package

Essential PACKAGE

We can further customize packages to meet your specific business needs.

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